I was so excited to have the opportunity to be apart of the latest issue of St. Louis Magazine for the 2013 Unveiled; Your Guide to a Memorable Wedding.  It was such a pleasure to work with St. Louis’ ultimate team; Lumen (venue),Heather Roth (photographer), Becky Huffman (floral), Hollyberry Catering (caterer), Two Blue Doors (paper), BBJ (linen) and Jan Leach Givens (fashion stylist).

We pulled together a color palette of red hues, silver and champagne to create the ultimate Modern Look. The inspiration came from a daring monochromatic red painting but the goal was to keep it clean and crisp. We used a shantung silver linen as our canvas to display a work of art centerpiece by Becky Huffman and other custom elements by Two Blue Doors and Hollyberry Catering to create this sexy red, crystal and champagne infused design.

It’s not a party without a swanky lounge- spice it up with some fun accent pieces like custom pillows!

For more pictures and details pick up the latest St. Louis magazine and flip to the Unveiled 2013 section! -Enjoy-

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