I am so excited to Welcome the 2013 Kristin Ashley Events Team! With Spring weddings already underway, we were all excited to get outside and enjoy the day together with Jordan Brittley as she snapped some pictures of us on the campus of Washington University.  One of my dear friends and former boss once told me… “In order to be great, you have to surround yourself with greatness.”

Meet Grace Mower-

Grace has been with me since the very beginning.  We met at Crate and Barrel where we got talking and I didn’t want to stop…so I asked her to shop with me for my Summer feature on Great Day St. Louis.  Something about Grace was striking to me, she was so interested in what I did but on a very professional level.  She will be taking off in the Fall for Indiana University and hopefully one day returning to her native town to run Kristin Ashley Events (yes Grace, that’s me giving you a job 4 years from now).

I asked Grace what she loves most about working for Kristin Ashley Events, “I love the uniqueness and individuality of every wedding with all the personal touches the bride and groom put in the event.  Kristin has such a talent of knowing exactly what her clients wants and needs are and watching her execute them on the day of weddings has taught me a lot about business in general.”

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Meet Katie Barnhart

She gets my corky humor, last minute demands and is always eager to jump in any scenario.  Although she likes the glitz and glamour of weddings, Katie’s biggest talent is the ability to execute my weekend timelines- LOVE!  She quickly got to the point where she knows what I am going to say without even saying it- that’s when you know you found your Ying to your Yang!

When asking Katie what she loves about working for Kristin Ashley Events, ” I love how Kristin has a wide variety of clients. One wedding might be outside in Forest Park, a traditional Catholic wedding at St. Francis or a casual modern wedding at Lumen.  I would say the best feeling is seeing a past client at a wedding and getting a huge hug from them like it’s your family you haven’t seen in forever!  It is such a privilege to get to know these families and an honor to be apart of so many special days. ”

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Meet Jessica Moore

Jess grew up Louisville, Kentucky. That’s right, a Kentucky gal (love)! She went from a student athletic trainer at the University of Louisville football program to letting her creative juices flow designing creative, one-of-a-kind, custom headwear for any special occasion. Get this… she specialize in extravagant, show-stopping hats for the Kentucky Derby. She has a warm and enthusiastic personality, along with attention to detail, have synced with my overall mission of a shared commitment to excellence.  Perfection is truly in the details people!

When asking why she likes to be a part of the team, she says because we are all committed to making each wedding a memorable experience.  Kristin makes the process, fun, unique and seamless for each and every bride.  I absolutely love the challenges and Kristin forces us all to be challenged.  But, at the end of the day, no matter what challenges come my way, I can honestly say I am passionate and this job!

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Meet Sarah Foss 

Sarah has a keen eye for fashion, details, and is an excellent multitasker.  Seeing the clients’ eyes light up when they see the reception set up is what Sarah likes most about being a part of the bride and groom’s big day.  Recently married in Negril, Jamaica, you can find Sarah and her husband, Travis, at the park playing with their two dogs, Bruno and Cash.  She enjoys vintage shopping around the Saint Louis area, finding lost treasures and making them her own.

When asking Sarah why she loves being a part of our team, she says we all have different jobs and lives but we love our brides! I believe in true love… I married my high school sweet heart! So when I get to work with so many wonderful people and vendors in St. Louis I know all the hard work is worth it when you see the groom look at his wife for the first time.  I am hopeless romantic and Kristin would never admit it, but I sometimes see her crying after she sends a bride down the aisle.  It’s pretty awesome knowing your boss loves her job as much as we all do.

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Ok ladies… we have work to do!

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