I am beyond humbled and honored to have been named one of the top wedding planners in Austin, Texas by Brides of Austin!

It’s especially exciting because my time working in Austin has been relatively short but the weddings I’ve planned here have clearly made their mark! There’s no way I could have planned such impression-making events without quickly finding the best-of-the-best vendors to help bring my couples’ and my visions come to life. Some of my favorites include:

Brides of Austin– Haylee is my sales rep and from the first coffee I fell in love not only with the publication but with the team as well. The editor, Ashley, has a great vision for Texas weddings and I love being a part of their publication.

Feather & Twine Photography – Kelsey and Talon are a great photo duo. They are actually going to do an upcoming wedding with me in St. Louis! My clients live in Texas but the bride’s hometown is STL. I am going to bring a little Texas flair back to the Midwest this holiday season at this gorgeous December wedding.

On my first Austin photo shoot, I had the pleasure of working with:
Scripted Ever After Custom Stationary + Design – This girl can do it all! She impresses me with her abilities to create more than just paper goods and exceed all expectations.
Remi + Gold Florals  – Twyla can light up a room with her fun personality and her work is just as amazing. Our first consultation was an instant connection!
Loot Vintage Rentals – This is a place that every bride dreams of. Bobbi is a girl that can dress any average room with goodies. They literally have it all – and more!
Gloria Goode Photography – I can’t say enough about Gloria’s talent. Just head to her website and prepare to swoon over her photos.

I’m also so struck by the beauty and energy of this community. The food, of course, is to die for, but I think what makes Austin truly special are the people. I am constantly inspired by the fashion, interior design, and art you find in this community. There is constantly an event, festival, live music, or even just groups of people hanging out looking to meet new friends. And everyone here is just gosh-darn cool! Which brings me to my couples…

There is NO way I would have made this prestigious list without my amazing clients who put their full trust in this new girl from the Midwest. It goes without saying that knowing the who, what and where of a community is important when planning a wedding. But to me, that’s the easy part to learn.

What isn’t so simple is having a creative vision, putting no boundaries or restrictions on your ability to bring that vision to life, paying crazy attention to detail and putting the highest standards and expectations on yourself, being scrappy and resourceful and a little bit crazy to work your tail off and do whatever it takes to pull off each couple’s Best Day Ever. And most importantly doing all of the above while laughing, loving, and not taking yourself too seriously.

I like to think all of that is why I made the list of the Best Planners in Austin. Or maybe it was that $1,000,ooo I paid them… (JK!) Whatever it is, I am grateful to Brides of Austin the publication for including me on this year’s list, and I’m grateful to the brides and grooms of Austin for your support, friendship, and trust. I can’t wait to meet and work with more of you!