As you read this & listen to the meditation, grab an oil (if you have on hand). I recommend Frankincense from doTERRA. You can put a few drops on your hands and rub them together to create friction. This sense will give you warmth & a balance mood.

I have had more time on my hands lately to reflect on the years before 2020 than I ever anticipated. It seems crazy to me how much life I feel like I have already lived. As I watch the grey hairs come in and the wrinkles become more defined, I feel as though getting older is just getting better. Some of the worst years have been watching friends and family battle illnesses, relationship struggles, business decisions, however, these have also been the best teaching moments of my life. In return, it has taught me how to appreciate all the uphill battles.  The time I got to see a friend beat cancer, the time I met my life partner, the moment I saw Kristin Ashley Events next to Martha Weddings…just to name a few are times I have felt pure joy. I truly believe that these highlighted moments are more joyful because of the dark years before.

It’s the process by which I have taught myself how to honor those moments of low. The transformation through these times have been moments I have grown to appreciate.

There is no right or wrong way to live it, there is no “must have” or “have to do’s”… honor it, don’t rush it and certainly don’t waste it.

You get to discover your newfound life. Honor where you are and where you are going.