Oh what a wonderful year it was…. I am beyond blessed to share with you just a LITTLE bit of what the year had in store for me.  Words do not express how grateful I am to have the friends, family and clients that I have in my life.

I got to kick off 2012 in London where I got to witness the most insane firework display.  I also got to travel to New York with friends and experience the Today Show (probably one of the coolest thing’s I’ve ever done). Healthy living is a huge part of my life, this year I ran in the Color Run which was well… very colorful!  Ryan’s sister and husband announced they will have a baby boy in early 2013, which will make me a first time Aunt! My dear friend Ashley welcomed Kate into the world in August (the first baby I’ve ever visited in a hospital). Who can forget the week visit of my little buddy Cole, this past Christmas he told his mom… “Fine, if you don’t get it for me Aunt Kris will.” (my bad)

The best part of 2012 is the AMAZING weddings I was apart of! Whether I am sending a bride down the aisle, putting together a photo shoot, doing a morning appearance for Great Day St. Louis, or attending networking events I LOVE meeting new people.  This year I was blessed to be apart of countless opportunities where I have been able to better myself, not just personally but professionally as well.  Ali continues to be a huge part of my life, a dear friend and mentor she is a true rock star, I am so PROUD of her!   Making Things Happen was such an eye opener for me, thank you Lara for showing me what really fires me up!  And the one person who keeps me ticking is my husband- Ryan.  Without him I simply would not be able to do what I do without his love and support.

Congratulations to all of my 2012 friends & clients;

Erin & Brian, Sarah & Erik, Julia & Grant, Sydney & Lee, Ashley & Aaron, Lindsey & Stan, Dallis & Scott, Liz & Michael, Elizabeth & Luis, Meghan & Garrett, Lynette & Omar, Lindsay & Dan, Katie & Chet, Vanessica & Brian, Beth & Ben, Marci & Sean and to end the year… Jenn & Ryan.  It was a joy to be with you all on your special day.  To all the vendors- THANK YOU for all you do.

CHEERS… to lifetime of love and laughter.

Kristin Ashley Events.
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oh…and we bought a house! yayyy