I love it when I get a phone call from a friend, family member or even client to share the exciting news of his or her engagement! There is nothing like reliving that moment by sharing it with someone who is just as excited as you are about the experience.  As more friends and family get engaged, people start to question what to do next for the newly engaged person, and that’s where I come in.  Wedding planners get to offer advice for the many “now what do I do?” moments- one of them being engagement gifts.

First you must have the right bag.  Even if you are the type of person that thinks, “the plastic Target bag counts as wrapping paper- the targets look like polka dots”, now is the moment to step it up a notch because engagements can be an exhilarating rite of passage that deserves recognition, not a trash bag. Some gift bags can even function as totes, so your aesthetic appeal holding your gift serves multiple purposes.  I recently found the best Green tote bag at Everything Tote by Haute Market Bags.  From solid neutrals, to vibrant damasks, and fun strips, there is a tote for any personality.

Next, the thrill of an engagement is an endorphin rush you don’t want to lose.   Celebrating that thrill with entertaining wedding movies makes the entire experience even better- you get to relive the engagement, watch people enter the plot of wedding planning, then see the happily wedding ever after.  Fun wedding movies I can never stop watching include: The Wedding Planner featuring Jennifer Lopez, and for my brides, I suggest The Proposal featuring Sandra Bullock, Bride Wars featuring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, and my all time favorite Father of the Bride.

For another idea, I like to put in a cute little ‘To Do’ wedding organizer- I am a Target girl all the way, they never let me down when it comes to must have’s like organizers. If your bride or you hate organizing, you can buy a bridal magazine, which is something that most people feel strange buying even though we all secretly want to, I recommend St. Louis Bride.  In this way, you get to buy the magazine with the beautiful dresses and local venues inside while giving a few checklists, for someone who hates organizing…Maybe it’s a little sneaky, but it’s a fun way to help.

In addition, I like to throw in some items with pleasant aromas.  I love Jo Malone candles, Fresh body care products (they have the best packaging), and Philosophy body or bath products.  After all, your olfactory sense can instantaneously trigger memories.  Knowing this, wouldn’t it be amazing to have an incredible scent that brings an instant memory of the engagement?!

For an additional idea, I am a huge fan of Emily Giffin books- these are great for anyone needing a little R&R.

St. Louis truffles by Bittersweet– chocolate, need I say more?!

For the Granddaddy gift, I am obsessed with my Brandy J bag, which can function as a classy, yet chic handbag that fits all my special needs.  I highly recommend this bag for not just engagement gifts but pretty much any gift-giving opportunity.

Last, what’s a celebration without champagne?  Pop a bottle of Vueve Clicquot, and let’s start discussing wedding plans, your next big celebration!

I could go on and on but these are my go-to gifts…Be sure to check out some of my fabulous wedding gift ideas too!