Yoga is an incredible way to calm your mind, care for your body, and find focus – all things many brides have a difficult time doing on their wedding day. Weddings are all about love – not only the love you have for your future spouse, but for yourself, your family, and your friends. That’s why I think a morning yoga session is the best way for a bride to start her wedding day on the right foot: connected with herself and feeling refreshed and filled with love.

I started offering morning yoga sessions to my brides last year and the feedback we’ve received has been incredible. Before the clouds of hairspray begin to fill the room, the bride and her girls gather together, fresh-faced, rested, and raw to spread their yoga mats across the floor and find their zen together.

There are a lot of benefits to wedding day yoga. Hopefully, very few things will go wrong on your wedding day (especially with the help of a great planner – wink wink!) but inevitably, something will not go exactly according to plan. Maybe it rains. Maybe there’s traffic causing people to run late. Maybe two of your bridesmaids are in a tiff. Whatever comes up, my girls find starting out in a calm space carries them through the rest of their wedding day, no matter what comes their way.

Taking care of your body is incredibly important and it’s easy to forget your own well being when you’re in the home stretch leading up to your wedding. By starting your wedding day with fitness, you’ll kick start your metabolism and release endorphins, creating a happier, fitter you for your big day!

Yoga is also a great way to connect with those you love most. Breathing, moving, and sweating together with your best girl friends is a powerful way to connect on a deeper level as you each work through your yoga practice together.

At a recent wedding, photographer Christine Foehrkolb captured these incredible photos of a morning yoga session with one of my brides. If you think you might benefit from a morning yoga session on your wedding day, let us know – I love creating custom sessions for brides!