The winds of the Windy City had us flying up the road to put on another incredible wedding for one of our favorite families: the Adams. Jill is the third Adams sister to get married with Kristin Ashley Events – we truly feel like part of the family now, too, after three Adams weddings in three years!

We started Jill’s wedding day with one of our favorite new services – Morning Yoga. The stress and excitement of wedding weekend can become overwhelming for any bride. Even at home, I start every day with a good yoga session to help calm my mind and my body. I’ve found sharing that energy with the bride and her bridesmaids has been an incredible way for everyone to find their happy place before all of the hussle begins. Namaste, ladies!

Seeing Jill’s reaction to her bouquet seriously brought tears to my eyes! Exceeding expectations is what it’s all about for us, so I couldn’t have been happier to see how happy Jill was. The team at Revel Décor knocked it out of the park…again!

Family is so important during the good times in life, like a wedding. But family is even more important during the tough times. While I was in Chicago, my family received some very difficult and unexpected news: my father was diagnosed with bladder cancer. After losing my mother 10 years ago to cancer, it was devastating. So immediately following Jill’s wedding, I went to Indiana to be with my brother and father.

After lots of hugs, tears and prayers, I am thankful to say my dad will not have the same outcome as my mom. For the first time in my life, cancer is not a death sentence. Thankfully, my dad’s disease was detected early and after several procedures, we learned his disease has not spread! He will undergo BCG chemotherapy, of which there is a national shortage, so we feel incredibly blessed that he will be able to receive this lifesaving treatment.

I cannot express enough my gratitude to my friends, family, clients and colleagues for your support during this difficult time. I am so fortunate to have such incredible people in my life and I thank God for surrounding me with so much good. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

When life gives you a wake up call, you answer it! So this week, I donated blood for the first time in my life. I was so nervous but guess what: it was easy and painless! If you can, consider donating blood – I truly believe you get what you give. I will even come hold your hand!

Some other incredible things this week: taking my yoga practice to the next level with aerial yoga! Cirque du Soleil, here I come! (or not!) It was super cool but boy did I get motion sick! And hanging upside down is probably NOT the best place to get a tummy ache. I’ll be back, though – after all, practice makes perfect!

I am in love with these invites by Cheree Berry! Periwinkle and navy AND stripes?!? Helloooo Spring! These set the perfect tone for our May wedding at Saint Louis Country Club.

Huge thanks to Audrey with Bittersweet Artesian Truffles and Scape for a great date night sponsored by Dabble. Ryan and I enjoyed a night of wine and chocolate pairings – an incredible way to spend any evening, but after this tough week, it was just what we needed.

And finally, what do you think of my new look?!? All this sunshine had me feeling bright, so Corrine at Paul Rehder Salon whipped out the bleach and gave me fresh new highlights and a bouncy new haircut! And I’m loving this new lip stick my makeup girl Rosie Scianna introduced me to – Flat Out Fabulous by MAC – SO fun!

Have a happy weekend, everyone! And if you can, call, text or go see the people you love most in your life. Life is short, but it is sooo sweet.


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