For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed being apart of couples special day.  Most of the time I get inquiries from brides asking about my wedding planning services, but this time a soon-to-be groom asked if I could help make his proposal extra special.

Dana Dean, with KDSK Channel 5, and I have been working on this trending story after seeing how popular it is nationwide. One might think it’s not creative to hire a planner, but honestly it’s just like planning any other special event in your life and most of the time you hire professionals to help. Truth be told, I don’t think wedding planning was that popular before The Wedding Planner movie staring Jennifer Lopez came out in early 2001. But at Kristin Ashley Events, we get to know the couple by often asking questions like: “How did you meet? What are things you like to do together? What are your favorite foods and wines? and most importantly, How do you envision your perfect proposal?” It is similar questions we ask to get to know the couple before the planning process begins.

Some brides come to me with a binder of wedding inspirations or send their Pinterest user name and password for ideas. But typically, guys like Asmir come to me with a basic idea of, “being romantic”. Asmir and I met at the Four Seasons. He picked out the exact location, the flowers, what meal they would eat, and most importantly the people to join in for a celebratory champagne toast. I, on the other hand, picked up on the details that Asmir might not have ever thought of. For instance, they met at McDonald’s seven years ago, so we passed out hamburgers from there for their guests. It was chilly outside so we gave pashminas to the ladies with a tag that stated “Forever and Always”. Jessica and Asmir always say this to each other, making this detail even more special.

Now, like a wedding, not everything goes as planned. It was horribly windy and rainy, so plan B was in full force hours before the proposal. This is the exact reason why I hire true professionals to be on my side. I got in touch with Parties and Props and requested pipe and drape and more candles. We are going inside!!! Without a hesitation, Kelly at the Four Seasons reserved a spot of us by the fireplace forgoing our original plan of being on the terrace. Wedding Planners are problem solvers and we coach our clients to stay positive. At the end of the day, you are either getting engaged or married and that is what matters most.

Speaking of hiring true professionals, I can’t go on without thanking all my vendors. Parties and Props provided all the rentals. You took me through your warehouse and graciously let me roll with everything we envisioned. Poppies Design Studio supplied all of the beautiful floral. I don’t think she will look at a rose and not remember this day. Michelle with Untamed Heart Photography has such a great personality, always making things fun and enjoyable… absolutely perfect for this event! The Four Seasons provided us with the space and top-notch service! Nicole Moore’s beautiful music had everyone crying.  Also I would like to thank Laurie Solet boutique for my attire.  It is such an honor to work with all of you and I can’t thank you enough.

Gotta set the mood; candles, roses and live music!


Passed McDonalds and pashminas


Dana filming the pre-proposal


Nikki Moore for the live music





The moment he proposed


The moment she found out I helped


The moment she found out Channel 5 was there



Helping explain his vision and game plan!


The moment he admitted I knew what I was doing the whole time (priceless)





Congratulations Jessica and Asmir!