Good Morning Friends and Followers! I am so happy to share with you my Morning Gratitude meditation recently featured on FitFreeLife live tv. Recently, I decided to team up with Natalie Weis, founder of LiveWell to bring you weekly inspiration on how to bring mind, body and soul to center. Natalie founded LiveWell to help women feel confident and at peace in their skin through movement, food nutrition and positive mindset training (this is where I come in).

Today we went live on Natalie’s Instagram. Here we touched based on what mindfulness means, how to redirect our focus from negative thoughts, how little things make a big difference through manifesting, journaling and much more.

For just the meditation click on the audio below.

To see and listen to our conversation post mediation check out her IGTV link: @fitfreelife

We hope that you continue to share light and love with us in the weeks ahead!