At the beginning of the year, I, along with some other industry colleagues packed our bags and headed to Tulum, Mexico for our annual Mastermind retreat (put on by, planner/life coach, Ali Phillips). Here we have the opportunity to come together to assess the past year, set goals for the upcoming year, discuss strengths, areas we want to improve, all while I lead the morning session with light yoga and meditation. It’s easy to say our goals have shifted a bit since January, let’s be honest, we’ve torn up and thrown away our goal sheets after weeks in quarantine (haha). For a while the team would get together for monthly for check-ins, however, with COVID-19, we are making it a weekly thing. Not only are we checking in with each other, but covering huge topics of conversation such as; what is going on in our market within our city, what we can do for our vendors and clients, tied up with lots of love and support for each other as we are hitting emotional breaking points. The amount of chaos we have once felt, soon became fear, anxiety and uncertainty… may I remind you, we do have control over one thing, our mindset.

Here is the latest meditation I shared with them and will now share with you. Please feel free to take.  I hope you are all staying safe (at home) and remember you’re not alone, your heart is always with you.

Peace. Love. Planning.