Meet Katie Barnhart; Assistant Coordinator











Katie and I met through my cousin in-law, Lindsey, at the end of 2011.  Katie grew up in Pennsylvania and moved to St. Louis in 2010 where she got a Full-Time job as a bank teller, with PNC Bank.  I soon expressed my concerns to Lindsey about how different the industry’s are, but she quickly informed me Katie had a background in catering and design….we were getting warmer!

I was on a mission to find an assistant that could handle the demands of this industry.  I was in need of a girl who could read my mind, take notes, and be my Ying to my Yang.  After one wedding, I knew Katie was my girl.  She gets my corky humor, last minute demands and is always eager to jump in any scenario.  Although she likes the glitz and glamour of weddings, Katie’s biggest talent is the ability to execute my weekend timelines- LOVE!

When asking Katie what she loves about working for Kristin Ashley Events, ” I love how Kristin has a wide variety of clients. One wedding might be outside in Forest Park, a traditional Catholic wedding at St. Francis or a casual modern wedding at Lumen.  I would say the best feeling is seeing a past client at a wedding and getting a huge hug from them like it’s your family you haven’t seen in forever!  It is such a privilege to get to know these families and an honor to be apart of so many special days. ”

Meet Grace Mower; 2012 Intern











Often mistaken for my younger sister, Grace is an outgoing, personable, creative and not to mention the most DRIVEN girl I’ve ever met.  Grace was born in Chester, New Jersey, but shortly after moved to St. Louis.   Grace’s parents encouraged her from a young age that nothing comes easy in life and it was imperative to get involved with her school, community and the work field.

Grace and I met at Crate and Barrel where we got talking and I didn’t want to stop…so I asked her to shop with me for my Summer feature on Great Day St. Louis.  Something about Grace was striking to me, she was so interested in what I did but on a very professional level.  Grace told me she was unsure what she wanted to study in college, however, she has always been interesting in event planning.  Soon after Grace was shadowing me at weddings and now sometimes helps out as an assistant on weekends.  Grace is a master with the logistics and has a keen eye for style.  I love how professional and likable Grace is with everyone she comes in counter with.

I asked Grace what she loves most about working for Kristin Ashley Events, “I love the uniqueness and individuality of every wedding with all the personal touches the bride and groom put in the event.  Kristin has such a talent of knowing exactly what her clients wants and needs are and watching her execute them on the day of weddings has taught me a lot about business in general.”