This week STL Bride comes out with their Spring/Summer issue.  I am honored to be one of six wedding planners/designers in St. Louis to be featured with The Personal Touch spread.  Editor, Nancy Slade asked everyone to make it personal by bringing in items that told a personal story.

After four generations of passed down china, cranberry antique vases passed down from my grandmother and antique dishes and saucers passed down from my mother, I was able to make the most personal tablescape I could ever imagine.  When my Grandma Kennedy and Mom passed away in 2004, I got to take with me many of their precious memorabilia and for the longest time my husband would ask, “What on earth are you going to do with all this stuff?!” I would simply reply, “Oh I don’t know one day it might come in handy.”   I not only love the fact I was right, but also knowing I can incorporate many personal items that may seem like junk to some into a beautiful tablescape for a wedding!

My finishing touches were things given from my husband’s family; Grandma Weis, mother -in-law Lauri and sister- in-law Tara.

Photo by Von DeVore

Special Thanks…

Aries Rental for providing chargers, chairs and glassware

Florist: Tina Barrera

Paper Frosting for providing the most amazing stationary!

BBJ Linen

And of course my husband for his patience for allowing me to keep “all this stuff!”