Meet Kate and Grant Wiegmann…they were my August 20th clients. Kate and I first met because of her dear old Mizzou DG sorority sister, Mollie Lange (my previous client).  Kate shared with me her and Grant’s ideal St. Louis wedding over a glass of champagne in celebration of their engagement last winter.  They both live in South Carolina yet grew up in Missouri, so it was imperative to bring a little bit of Southern hospitality into their Midwestern wedding.  Kate and I went back and forth with various ideas, modern inspirations, St. Louis locations and tons of tiny details that would end up making their day nothing less than ‘perfect’.  I only got to see Kate and Grant a hand full of times but she became one of my dearest friends.  I found myself chatting with her late nights beginning with”wedding talk” then diverting to latest Bachelor kicked off The Bachelorette.

I always talk about how I love getting to know my clients not only on a business level but a personal one as well.  One of my favorite moments to this day with a client would be with Kate and Grant.  Kate, Grant and I went to the church on one of their visits to St. Louis (they have never seen the church but booked it based on my word, ha).  I could tell they were nervous and anxious to see it for the first time… when we walked outside, Kate jumped up in Grant’s arms with this radiant smile and said, “BABE, I love it! We are getting MARRIED!!!”   I honestly loved being a part of ‘their’ special moment.  It reminded me that it’s not only about the big day…it’s everything leading up to it as well that makes it all the better.  As you can see from these AMAZING pictures captured by Heather Roth Photography,  just how in love these guys are.  (Please check out Heather’s blog for more pictures)

Now, for the good stuff…  As you can see, Kate is a very chic, modern, easygoing, JCrew/Kate Spade prep stylish girl who knows exactly what she wants (my kinda girl).  Her wedding must have was Gebbs Film (see previous post from their same day edit).  Heather Roth photography was the perfect fit for Kate and Grant, it was a “love at first site” kind of thing.  The floral was certainly not Grant’s main priority, but Kate and I had a vision for none other than Becky Huffman to create a look with white floral, fresh plants and twigs and it was amazing!  Lumen Event Space was hands down Kate and Grant’s look, they wanted a reception with food stations so guests could mix and mingle over the course of dinner and it was fabulous (not to mention the Farmers Market station, WOW-delish)!

Oh, I forgot to mention the Wiegmann Gin Bucket- hey it’s family tradition, you know I had to get in on the fun!

Big thanks to the rest of our team-

Lumen Event Space

Messiah Lutheran Church

Gebbs Films

Heather Roth Photography

Becky Huffman Floral

First Class DJ

Sarah’s Bakery

Connie Duglin Linen

Best Transportation

NB Artistry Makeup

Dress: Maiden Voyage

Clever Hand Press stationery

Brides Hair: Wendy Howe

Jewelry: J Crew