What do you do once you get engaged? A question most soon to be brides ask themselves after the big question is popped. We are currently in the middle of engagement season as we see new trends being revealed for the upcoming year. I am really excited about the 2019 pantone. This year we are seeing a lot of the pastel colors enhanced and enriched by a live coral look, which is seen in this design that I created. This is also what we are seeing right now with dress wear. Many trend setters such as Vera wang and Monique Lhuillier are making their wave with this bridal trend as they are able to explore more movement and color. A coral color can be hard to use, but with multiple variations of the color, you can bring in some texture and heights to give the look a good balance. I’m a big fan of a good linen. I brought in a couple of unique linens to show how much they can make a difference. A little bit of texture was added to this design, as you can see we have a low lush floral piece, so I wanted to balance it out and bring it to life by using a napkin with the same pantone color, coral. We are lucky this year because peony’s always come in coral or a pastel pink color and what bride doesn’t love a good peony.

Engagement season is a real thing! Since it is in the middle of engagement season, we see the most amount of engagements happens at this time of year from November to February. Most engagements happen around the holidays, usually right at Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Some even happen around thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. Even though it’s exciting to start the planning process, my biggest advice for the newly engaged couple would be to relax and enjoy spending time with friends and family. Have an engagement party and celebrate because this time spent should be focused all about the couple. After you spend time enjoying with friends and family start talking to your fiancé and figure out what your budget and guest count is going to be. After figuring out the budget and guest count, your next step is figuring out what kind of wedding you want to have. Do you want to have a winery wedding, downtown wedding or a destination wedding? Make sure everyone is on board and you have that talk with your fiancé and family before giving us a call because us wedding planners will ask all of those questions! It’s one of those things were some girls have been planning their wedding since they were eight years old and some girls just really have no idea. The services that wedding planners offer differ for each planner. The good thing about St. Louis is that we have really good talented planners. Some do just month of, some do design, and some do full planning. My best advice is to really do your research and give a couple of them a call to ask about pricing and packaging and what their services are. You are going to spend a long time with your planner so make sure you like us and are able to form that relationship with us from the beginning.

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