If you’ve held a conversation with me for more than five minutes, you know I love weddings and yoga. I have met some of the most inspiring people through yoga and Erin Motz (Edwards) is no exception. About four years ago, I went to one of her “Bad Yogi” workshops in a small town just outside of St. Louis. After an incredible yoga class and a 30-minute one-on-one conversation, we followed each other on social media and vowed to share love and support for each other’s growing business.

So you can imagine my excitement and surprise when years later, I heard from Erin, informing me that she got engaged to the French Man (Thibaud) in New York with big wedding plans for (deep breath)… Nice, France (insert butterflies). You can see their adorable engagement story here

Surrounded by just 30 of their closest friends and family at a private Chateau in Grasse, France, these two made a wedding planners dream come true. After planning weddings for over eight years, it’s been a dream to travel the world and orchestrate weddings (big and small). One person who has followed me from the beginning of my business (love and support) is my dad and I couldn’t imagine having an opportunity like this and not take him with me. You got it, Ed packed his bags and went along for the ride… don’t worry I put him to work.

From the moment we arrived we were packing those tiny European cars with everything you could imagine and drove about an hour west of Nice (so upset I couldn’t enjoy all the views, my motion sickness kicked it full force). Upon our arrival was the most beautiful Chateau you’ve ever seen, St. Georges. We got out of the car and surrounding us was lavender, hydrangea bushes, garden roses, 75* weather and a scenery that I can say is every girls dream. It was like I died and went to wedding planner heaven…

With days of activities (games for all), food (pizza food trucks!), speeches (some of the best speeches I’ve ever heard), and love… lots and lots of love. I can say that this will be one of the most memorable wedding I will not only plan but attend. Just days leading up to the wedding, I got the opportunity to go over all the details (big or small) with Erin and Thibaud. Let’s just say Erin is happy go lucky, true yogi (never stop smiling/happy as a clam) and Thibaud is super organized and what we like to call “on it!” But the one thing I heard over and over from the both of them, was that they wanted everyone to really enjoy themselves. They thought of everything; what food everyone would like, the music played (even during the welcome party), activities/excursions, you name it, they thought of it. My dad even turned to me and said, “Kristin, don’t mess this up!” I couldn’t help to think… Wow, this is the first time dad has ever seen me really work! If there is one thing I know, it’s weddings. At one point I saw a little tear in his eye at the reception and all I could think was…he gets it.

You can read more highly recommend from Erin herself on her blog BadYogi

You can also see more from the very so talented photographer Wild Roses 

Erin’s jewelry was on point! Lots of which were gifts from her dashing groom and her mother in law… stunning!

Let’s discuss this dress can we… a one of a kind Kenneth Pool

I honestly didn’t know if she was going to make it to her first look… the girl is just as emotional as I am… but of course I say it’s a good thing (except when she needs her makeup to stay) ha

Overlooking the French Riviera…. swoon 

When a groom says his vows…. grab your tissues.

Yup, I put my dad in charge of collecting cell phones…. he was super excited about this job… job well done!

Happy 4th of July for all the American’s who came!

The families were the best! 

This is what life looks like when you’ve been married 60 years… I LOVE THIS PIC! 

I could not be more grateful for this moment captured… I love my brides, I really do. 

The day after… we brunch… and take an awesome tour of Grasse!


Venue: Saint Georges, Grasse

Photographer  Wildroses Studio

Videographer: Rec Video Editing 

Florist: Maud Creation Florale 

Catering: De Bouche en Bouche

Lights/Music: DJ Marriage Nice