I have had the privilege of being apart of two Adams family weddings.  Last year I watched my best friend say, “I Do” to the most amazing girl, Lindsay… little did I know she had two sisters that are just as special as she is.  Mallory is one of those girls that makes you want to be a better person.  I mean not too many brides can wake up in the morning and see a monsoon coming straight for town and be all smiles.  Nothing phased Mallory, she was always optimistic and easy going…which is probably why her wedding day was picture perfect.

The day all together was full of romance and one of my favorite photographers, Christine Foehrkolb was there to capture it all.  Everything from her off the shoulder lace dress, the various shades of pink peonies, the roses Joe sent to her, the vows, and the dancing, OH let’s not forget the way they look at each other …that alone will make your heart melt.  I mean let’s be honest, weddings are all about love, but when the wedding planner cries… it’s pretty magical.

Now, I am looking to make history with the Adams family and do my first ever “three peat”- 3 daughters- 3 weddings- 3 years… the pressure is on Tony.

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Photos by Christine Foehrkolb

Church St. John’s Chapel 

Venue: Alice Campbell Alumni Center 

Catering: LA Gourmet 

Music: Elite 

Decor: Elite 

Floral Jarro Designs 

Cupcakes: MeMe’s