The Emilee you’d like to know….



Meet Emilee Sherertz- A senior at Whitfield School and a future Mizzou Tiger. Upon searching for a Spring intern, I found my perfect match in Emilee. I was looking for someone outgoing, hardworking, and desiring to learn the business industry. Emilee e-mailed me explaing that although she had no experience in the wedding planning business, she wanted to learn the ropes and experience the industry first hand. She mentioned her desire to study textiles (like me) and French next year. After meeting her at Starbucks, a not-so-secret obsession of both of ours, I saw a little bit of myself in Emilee, and knew we would work well together.

After our Spring schedule was finalized, I asked Emilee to tell me a few things about herself that she thought the world should know. She made me laugh and reminded me of myself with her witty responses-

She has always loved weddings. She sees magic (there’s actually a truck load of work) in the way weddings come together and bring happiness to the bride and groom, and guests in attendance. She’s super excited to see how I use patience and love to make each happy couple special on their big day. Emilee calls herself a planner and an organizer, and is motivated by big responsibility residing on her shoulders. She has a love of language and working with others- she’s definitely a people person. She looks for the humor in any uncomfortable situation, and declares she can do anything, like Superwoman, with a little bit of Starbucks in her system. As of now, she’s looking to study interior design at Mizzou. Emilee hopes to find a way to travel and see the world. She declares herself the un-official world directer of Chocoholics Anonymous. She drinks and Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte and reads Vogue during math class (she finds it necessary to study one way or another). Emilee is waiting for the day Matt Damon appears on her doorstep to propose to her. She can quote The Bourne Identity and Sweet Home Alabama word-for-word. Her favorite color is anything sparkly and has a slightly out of control online shopping addiction. She has been a vegetarian for ten years (yes we both enjoy rabbit food). She planned her wedding at six years old, and since then, nothing has changed.

The Emilee I like to know…