Stan and Lindsey are one of a kind… really. They are high school sweethearts that have been through their far share of obstacles; long distance, college, jobs, relocations and the biggest one of them all, Lindsey’s fathers passing just a week before her wedding. When I first started dating Ryan, I noticed one thing, his family is closer than any other family I know. We do everything together, we travel to see each other when we have vacation time, we call each other up to have wine and late night chats, we have our own come dine with us “show”, it’s not bluffing when I say we are all great friends aside to being family. Everyone knew Lindsey was the one for Stan 8+ years ago. She has the ability to walk into a room with a contagious laugh and smile that will warm your heart. Stan is the one that often keeps the party going and makes sure everyone is in for a good time. They are caring, smart, successful in and out of their relationship, so many of us look up to them because they are an insanely happy couple.

When I talk about weddings it’s mostly rainbows, butterflies and unicorns. I never talk about “what went wrong” or “what could have changed” but I have to mention the most tragic thing that I have experienced with a wedding before I mention how wonderful the outcome. Thursday evening (just a week prior to the wedding) I got a call from my husband informing me that Lindsey’s father passed away. I was speechless…for hours I cried thinking about everything she is about to go through before the happiest day of her life! On Friday evening, her sister in-law Kristen, and I went with her for her last fitting followed by a bottle of wine/cheese and to just hold hands and cry. Through the ENTIRE week, Stan did not leave Lindsey’s side, not once. I honestly believe you can judge a man’s character on how well they can rise to the occasion when something so tragic has happen. Stan is the perfect example of what every husband should be like which is, to always stand by their loved ones side. It was an incredible thing to witness and I got to experience it first hand when I met Ryan. When they finally got to say their I Do’s, I didn’t cry because her father wasn’t physically present, because he was with us. I cried because they say you marry someone “like” your mom/dad, well Lindsey, you married someone like your father. And THAT to me is how we keep those we loved and lost a part of our lives forever. Congratulations on your marriage, love ya!

SPECIAL thanks to all our wonderful vendors who helped make their day complete!
All pictures/video done by Switzerfilm

Ritz Carlton, Clayton
Messiah Lutheran Church (Pastor Kumm from Trinity Lutheran, Millstadt, IL)
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