Unexpected details can set your wedding apart by surprising and delighting your guests. But those details don’t have to be expensive or difficult. They just require a little creativity.

We like to start that feeling of delight from the time guests arrive. At a seated dinner, one of the first impressions you make is at your escort card table. Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a traditional printed table tent escort card! But, if you want to use that as an opportunity to establish or reinforce a theme or do something unexpected, an escort card is a high impact and easy place to do so.

Take a look at these recent examples of clever escort cards we’ve done for our brides:


Drinks – check! Escort cards – check! Lasting impression – double check! We used champagne splits and water bottles as refreshing escort cards that set a festive tone.

2015-05-26_0003 This crystal curtain of handwritten escort cards was a jaw dropper and totally carried the sparkling theme of the evening.


Using objects as card holders is just too much fun! And they can double as a fun favor, too.


And just because you stick with a traditional card doesn’t mean it has to look boring. A more casual script and an unexpected setting for the place cards can tie in with your color scheme, florals, and overall look and feel in a way a cursive cardstock can’t.

Many of these options can be done yourself or we can help find vendors to pull it off to perfection. Whatever you choose, make it YOU!